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Cellador A Love Supreme Cherry Farmhouse Blend 16oz can


Blend of Sour & Farmhouse Ales with Bing Cherries

Naturally Conditioned with Honey


A Love Supreme pours a deep red color with copper undertones. Its aroma and flavor come as much from the warm spice of the cherry pits and the vanilla of the oak barrels as from the fruit itself but despite it’s deep flavor, it’s dangerously easy for the whole can to disappear while you try to read between its lines.

To make this beer, we first crushed 500 lbs of Bing Cherries from Andy’s Orchard and allowed them to ferment as a cherry wine with their pits, using native yeasts. We then added a blend of three different base beers and allowed it all to continue to ferment for three more months before canning it.

I hope you like it!