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Cellador Haru Wild Ale w/Apricots & Shiso 375ml


Wild Ale w/ Apricots & Shiso 

Haru is loosely inspired by the traditional combination of umeboshi (japanese “plums” that are actually closer to apricots, fermented with lactic acid bacteria and lots of salt) and shiso leaves. Fermenting the apricots with lactic acid bacteria is basically what happens in our barrels, so it felt like a natural combination of flavors to use in one of our beers.

Haru is “Spring” in Japanese, and this beer captures the very essence of the season with its graceful, delicate flavor. What, at first, is bright aroma showing off one of our favorite Spring fruits, Apricots, deepens with a second sip. Those bright and fruity flavors are joined by a subtle cereal grain character and just enough shiso to evoke lush, verdant spring growth.


375 ml bottle