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Cellador Quinquina Tonic Barrel Fermented Farmhouse Seltzer 16oz can


Farmhouse Seltzer w/ Botanicals, Cinchona Bark, Lime & Honey 

Quinquina Tonic is inspired by a Gin & Tonic and in fact, makes use of the exact blend of botanicals that The Spirit Guild uses to produce their Star Keeper Gin. We partnered with them for this collaboration, and like all of our “farmhouse seltzers,” this one is fermented with our house mixed cultures in oak wine barrels.

Quinquina Tonic is crisp and refreshing with a complex aroma, mostly derived from the botanical blend. Juniper and pink peppercorn are right up front, with coriander, citrus and the more herbal notes rounding things out. The honey and lime bring sweetness and just enough acidity to round out the drinking experience and bring a real freshness to this seltzer.