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Liquid Gravity Thiol By Fire Hazy IPA 16oz can

The future is here with new thiol (pronounced thigh-all) boosted yeast! Thiol By Fire is our brand new Hazy IPA brewed using a newly developed yeast strain from @berkeley_yeast. This yeast strain has a gene that is capable of converting thiol precursers into the 3MH thiol. And while we love geeking out on the science, the important question is, "What does that mean for the beer?!" What it means is that layered into the wonderful aromatics from dry hopping, this beer is supercharged with a blast of exotic and tropical aromas created through thos process during fermentation. The 3MH thiol is described as expessing aromas and flavors reminiscent of passionfruit and guava and adds a layer of frutiness that we are absolutely LOVING right now. This is the same aroma compound responsible for the tropical notes in Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling wines. Until recently, brewer's yeast was not capable of unlocking these aromas and flavors the way that wine yeast could. But through the marvels of modern technology Berkeley Yeast Labs has worked to develop yeast strains for brewers that contain the gene capable of creating these exotic and tropical flavors. The result is a big bouquet of tropical fruit with a silky mouthfeel and just enough hop bitterness to balance. 7.0% ABV.