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Mission Trail Bluotley Cru Blueberry Pluot Jerkum Barrel Aged 16oz can

Blueberry Pluot Jerkum,Barrel aged 24 months, first in french oak barrels, then moved to fresh port barrels.
An innovative variant off the beaten path from our Pluötley Crü.

2016 Pluot Jerkum that we have double barrel aged over 24 months first in french oak barrels and then racked to age entirely in fresh port barrels. With copious amounts of blueberries added. This has a rich velvety-high fruit intensity that you will get lost in. The exceptional oak and tannin structure from the Crimson Dark Pluots and port barrels balance, but intensify the fruit on all levels.
This has a perfect tart finish that lingers with endless blueberry.
Rich, dark and decadent fruit jerkum. 6.8% ABV.