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Pure Project Could Be An Illusion Imperial Stout with Coffee & Maple Syrup 500ml bottle

Imperial Stout with Coffee & Maple Syrup

Format: 500ml bottle

Our winter-time core imperial stout, Could Be an Illusion, is back. Brewed with organic, extra dark maple syrup from Vermont and a blend of Brazilian and Colombian coffees roasted by our friends at Steady State, this beer packs a distinctive flavor punch thanks to the adjuncts being recirculated into the brew just before bottling. Flavors of milk chocolate, baklava, and nuttiness from the freshly roasted coffee loom from this jet-black wonderment. Its velvety and decadent full body will make you question whether it is real and magical, or just an illusion.


Sensory Notes: 

Appearance: Jet Black, Brown Hue, Tan Head
Aroma: Maple Pancakes, Milk Chocolate Covered Blueberries, Baklava, Nutty (Coffee), Coffee Ice Cream
Flavor: Vanilla Bean, Hot Cocoa, Chocolate Fudge, Baklava, Nutty (Coffee)
Mouthfeel: Velvety, Decadent Full Body