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Pure Project Opaque Dreams Smoothie-Style 16oz can

Smoothie-Style Ale with Blueberry & Peach
ABV: 6% 

We present a dream come true for many of you...our first smoothie-style ale is back! Opaque Dreams is loaded with organic blueberry and peach purees, which were swirled into suspension after fermentation, creating a smoothie-like mouthfeel. Cloudy magenta in appearance with a complementary mix of tartness and sweetness, and a body so thick that it sticks to the glass, this beer continues to push the boundaries of beer as we've known it. In the words of our head brewer, Winslow, it "tastes like a blueberry peach smoothie, perfect for breakfast!"

*Keep cold. Natural separation may occur; gently roll each can before opening to ensure a smooth consistency.

Sensory Notes:

Appearance: Deep Magenta Color, Pink Head
Aroma: Ripe Peaches, Blueberry Jam
Flavor: Crushed Peach and Blueberry, Touch of Tangy Sour Note
Mouthfeel: Thick Body, Subtle Tanginess