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Radiant Across The Clouds Alsatian-style Pilsner 16oz 4 pak cans

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Across the Clouds

Alsatian-style Pilsner

Come with me and drink ACROSS THE CLOUDS. Experience the pilsner as you may on a crisp spring day in Alsace along the Rhine River. Enjoy a brilliantly clear dark-straw pour with a tight-white lasting head. This Alsatian-style Pils boasts aromas of fresh-baked bread, fresh rain, and slight minerality. A multitude of French hops have delivered an herbal profile that floats amidst spring flavors of fresh cut grass and and tea with a lively, refreshing carbonation and medium-bitterness. Grab a pint and allow your palate to take a seat in the sky. 4.9% ABV.