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Smog City Is Ticking Clock 500ml


Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Coffee Porter w/ Coconut


 Tasting Notes --Rich aromatics evoke suggestions of brownie batter, bourbon soaked coconut, and espresso while the body remains taught, unsyrupy, and uncharacteristically drinkable for a dark barrel-aged beer. Longer --Powerful aromas of brownie batter, bourbon soaked coconut, and freshly ground espresso flood the room evoking cool autumn nights past. Flavor begins by favoring dark roast and bakers chocolate with a surge of vanilla acting as a bridge to chocolate pecan pie mid palate. The coconut then comes to the foreground alongside burnt sugar before subsiding to a satisfying, moderately tannic lacquer conclusion. Despite suggestions of rich, decadent desserts, this beer is decidedly un-syrupy and taut, meaning you will want the whole bottle to yourself.