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Something & Nothing Cucumber Seltzer 330ml can

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This drink is like a holiday in a can, hence having the picture of a holiday on the can, not a cucumber as you might expect.... we like a bit of semiotic tomfoolery.

This Premium Soda is lightly effervescent, quenches deeply with the clean freshness of real cucumber and hums with a subtle natural sweetness.

Tastes like: Jumping into a pool after a long day in the sun.

Great with: lunch, brunch or evening meal. This refreshment bomb is as versatile as it is delicious. Also great as a mezcal or tequila mixer.

Great Taste Award - 1 star

All our Premium Sodas contain grape juice and lemon juice to give balance and a full flavour. Our Premium Sodas are naturally low in calories - under 41 calories per can (11oz).