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Wild Fields Atascadero Beach Mexican Lager 16oz 4 pack cans

Lager - American 4.8%

2022 Gold - World Beer Cup This Mexican Lager fits the bill, perfectly light and crisp with a touch of sweetness from pilsner malt and flaked corn. Low residual sugar and high carbonation give a refreshing quality that will take you out HWY 41 and straight to the beach. In 1913, E.G. Lewis picked Atascadero as the perfect location to develop a colony that would provide the best of both urban and rural life. The creation of HWY 41 fulfilled the vision of beach access for residents. The State of California has memorialized the area as an integral part of Atascadero Colony by keeping the namesake of the small portion at the north end, Atascadero Beach. When thinking about what to brew as a nod to this history, we knew it had to be one that pairs well with a day at the beach.